Your Business On Your Fingertips

Manage and operate your business using our Android Application for BharatBills.

GST Compliant Invoice

Bharat Bills creates all the invoices in fully GST compliant manner. All the fields required by GST rules are available in the invoice format.

Total Control On Data

We have a simple philosophy: it is your data and you are owner of it. We do not bind our customers in any way. You have total control of your data.

Maps HSN Code

The user can access details of a particular HSN code from the software itself. Applicable tax rates for a particular HSN code will be available in the software itself.

GST Android app

Sticky Notes

Suppose you want to generate bills for someone tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you have marked on sticky notes. Sticky notes will remind you as you open the software.

View All Invoice

A user can view all the purchase entries in a single click. The software provides an option to filter the large data based on user-provided search data.

Inventory Tracking

User can view the currently available stock of all the items in a single click.

Bharat Bills is our latest offering as an easy to use GST Compliant Billing System, to generate and process GST compliant invoices with automated and accurate tax calculations. It can help you with Invoicing and Auto-Calculation of CGST, SGST, IGST, and UGST depending upon the seller/purchase details. This Software is ideal for those who don’t have prior experience of using GST or Accounting software. It provides such an easy interface that the user doesn’t need any technical knowledge to use it. It’s a highly user-friendly operating environment enables you to implement GST billing within hours.



Tour & Travel

Manage multiple companies, different Tours as a package. Option to provide discount on the hotel bookings etc


Sweet Shop

Maintain sweets of different categories, maintain Sugar Free Sweets as different category.


Real Estate

Maintain all builders as customers, maintain Property Types as different categories.


Placement Services

Maintain database of all the students & maintain names of the students on the bill.



Maintain your expenses incurred in photography, maintain stock of all items, cameras etc.


Jewelry Shop

Maintain your expenses incurred in jewelry, maintain stock of all items, gold, silver etc.