How to add SMS Templates in BharatBills

Notification for any transaction against any customer is one of the best features of BharatBills, So that customer came to know about his or her transactions like any sale, Payment Receipt, Due Payment. BharatBills have few SMS template but if user want to modify any template then he can

Steps to Update Template in BharatBills

  • Click on Setting -> SMS Template
Setting Option
  • Click on SMS Template (5th Option) in the List
SMS Template
  • BharatBills have the number of templates like INVOICE, RECEIPT, REMINDER
  • Select any Template Name
  • Content Box will show you the Current template content
  • Change according to you
  • Availabe Variables show you the list of information which you can use in your template
  • You can use Available Variables inyour new template
  • Click on UPDATE TEMPLATE if you want to update modification.
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