How to Add Firm details in BharatBills

Once a user has completed the registration process with BharatBills, the user can set up the firm details as well as basic details for the billing system.
On the first login itself, the software asks the user to enter the prefix for the invoice series. Here first 3 letters are provided which can be changed by the user as per his requirements. e.g. if the company name is BharatBills Software than the user can set the prefix as BBS etc. If the user doesn’t want to change the series, the software assigns the default billing series prefix i.e. GST.







After the prefix is entered by the user, the rest of the details will automatically be managed by the software itself. Once a user clicks on Update and Next system will ask for the firm details. The user has to fill the following mandatory fields:

  • Firm Name
  • Contact Number
  • Firm Address
  • State
Add firm in BharatBills

If you are already a customer of BharatBills click here to login into your account or click here to create your account.


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