How to Manage User Role in BharatBills

user role defines permissions for users to perform a group of tasks. These roles are Super Admin, Administrator and Sales Person. Assigning users and groups to a role. Managing access rights and roles : Assigning users and groups to a role. You can assign role to an Active Directory user or to an Active Directory group. You can assign a role that is defined in the current zone or in a parent zone.

Select user to Assign Access Role

Step to Manage User Roles –

  • Click on Settings -> Manage User Roles
  • Select The User Name
  • Click on Check details
Change the role
  • User Access right depend on the clicked option
  • List of Menu is here, Click on option for user access
  • Option which is clicked for comes under that user rights
  • Click on Change, If you want to assign or update the access
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