How to use Job Work Module in BharatBills

Job work means any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person. The ownership of the goods does not transfer to the job-worker but it rests with the principal manufacturer. The job worker is required to carry out the process specified by the principal manufacturer on the goods supplied by him.


Simple concept of job work is that principal manufacturer would send inputs or capital goods, under intimation and without payment of tax to a job worker and if required, goods are further sent from one job worker to another job worker and after completion of job work, the goods are returned back to the principal manufacturer without payment of tax

Steps to Add Job Work In BharatBills

  • Click on Delivery challan – Send for Job Work -> Add

    Send for Job work
  •  Job work Number is the automatic system generated number which will be in use when the user is going to receive the product from job worker end.
  • Select the Date
  • Select the Location from which location you are going to send the product.
  • Add product details
  • Fill the complete form if you want to enter the details
  • Click on Add button

View All created Job Work Document

  • Click on Delivery challan – Send for Job Work -> View 

    View Job Work Document

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