How to work with Tools in BharatBills

BharatBills has the separate section for tools, This section provide another facility to users. User can Upload the data of his customer, supplier as well the list of products. Key features are

  • Rewrite Book
  • Data Upload
    • Customer Data Upload
    • Supplier Data Upload
    • Product data Upload
  • Multi Bill Print
    • Sales Bill

Rewrite Book- Re-write book is the function which refresh your complete data or in simple word if there is any issue in your data as per you like you delete a sale bill but customer account still have the same amount and products are not  add back to the stock so that kind of data updation can be done by rewrite book, Click on Rewrite book option and complete data will be refresh.

Data Upload-  Data Upload is the key feature of any Billing Software in which you can upload the data of your customer, supplier and product with in few minutes. There is a standard format of BharatBills in which you can upload the data. Every Section have the sample file.  Download the sample file and maintain the data accordingly. One you done with the excel sheet upload the file.

Multi Bill print –  This feature is useful when a user want to print the bill of a month or a duration

Steps to print the multiple bill

  • Click on Multi Bill Print -> Sales Bill
Multi Bill Print
  • Select The Duration
  • Select bill Title
  • Select View type
  • Click on Submit
  • it will show your the complete list of bill as per your duration
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