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Ultra Low Cost GST Software (Goods & Services Tax) for GST compliant billing and accounting processes in India. There is no long term commitment and the charges are pay per use basis. Bharat Bills is the best GST Compliant Billing System, to generate and process GST compliant invoices with automated and accurate tax calculations.


GST Compliant Invoice

Bharat Bills creates all the invoices in fully GST compliant manner. All the fields required by GST rules are available in the invoice format. Any legal requirement update will automatically be pushed to your system whenever intimated by the government. This makes sure that you are always compliant to the latest norms issued by the authority. In case any such norm is missed by us, our users are requested to suggest the desired changes.


Cover All Business Features

Bharat Bills is designed and developed in such a way that it incorporates almost all the main features required by the Indian Market. It is being used by different trades across the country now. The amazingly flexible software solution is able to adapt itself according to the customer needs. Some of the selected regular trades (Software supports many more than the mentioned), currently BharatBills is being used for are mentioned here


Multi User Access

The software allows multiple users to access the same company data at the same time from multiple locations. This allows any company to increase their productivity by managing rush hours using multiple users. 

worldwide location

Multi Location Access

Another good feature of the product is the accessibility of the same data from multiple locations. Your team spreading across cities can login into the system and work simultaneously.


Cloud Based Solution

The solution is completely cloud based, accessible through web. This means you don’t have to purchase any expensive hardware to start using the GST software.  This makes the software highly affordable for all segments.

parallel tasks

Solution For All Trades

The solution caters to almost all major trades and manufacturing industries of small to medium size in India. The software is being used for various domains successfully. We are in process of adding trade specific formats and billing availability in the software. 

data protection

Hard Disk Crashes, No Data Affect

Stay Relaxed!
We are taking care of your data now. Doesn’t matter whether your hard disc crashes or the operating system stops responding.
This has been a long pending issue of the industry that the system crash completely destroys that and the recovery in such incidents is too costly. In our case, your data is in clouds and if one system goes down, you can always access your data on other system. This way no down time for your company.

data backup

Data Encryption & Auto Backup

Your data is available only for your eyes!
We are in a digital era and as you would have noticed in recent past that no-one is really safe in terms of data security. To avoid any unpleasant situation we have taken necessary measures while developing this software.
We make sure that all the data residing in the cloud is encrypted properly and backed up regularly. This makes sure that in case of any online attack or emergency, we will be able to get your company online within hours.

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Maps HSN Code

User can access details of a particular HSN code from the software itself. Applicable tax rates for a particular HSN code will be available in the software itself.

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Real Time Update

When the supplier invoice is created, it is automatically reflected in the GSTR2 reports. User can immediately check the affect of this on the GST return data available on GSTN and thus rectify it if required.

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Total Control On Data

We have a simple philosophy: it is your data and you are owner of it. We do not bind our customers in any way. You have total control of your data. Whenever find another software better/cheaper/easier than Bharat Bills; you can download your complete data within minutes, without any help/interference from our side.  We know, with our quality services provided at the most affordable rates; you will stay with us for longer terms ?

user credentials

Accessible Anywhere With Internet

The software is very lightweight in terms of web-accessibility. Of course it works great on 4G speed, it is accessible on 2G level low internet connectivity at your location. 

Thus you can access it on any device with internet e.g. Mobile, Laptop, Tab, Desktop or even your favourite smart TV too.


Reminder Receivable

The software has a facility of a reminder for the customers you are dealing with. You can send reminders in using SMS for the payment due. Reminder SMS is already generated, you can send it to single or multiple customers.


Sticky Notes

You want to mark something and remind yourself for that sticky notes is there. Suppose you want to generate bills for someone tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you have marked on sticky notes. Sticky notes will remind you as you open the software.

quote right filled

Quotation Management

Quotations are drawn on predefined rules for customers by which the customer has a total estimated expenditure on different sections or taxes etc of product and all about business projection and success ratio on the basis.


Multi-location Inventory

As your business grows and expands into multiple warehouses, stores, offices there is a need for inventory management at different levels in different locations. The software allows maintaining your inventory on multiple locations, viewing each location and its entire inventory its analysis and all that.


Job work Module

Job work Management System allows to maintain all the terms related to product send to different locations during processing, the time consumed, and the changed form of product etc.

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Salesman Module

The software allows maintaining all records related to the salesman, their sale, purchase, salary status and their commission amount on a particular product. Their personal detail like name, address, phone no. etc are also maintained in this module.


Bulk/volume discount

There is an option for multiple discounts like you have fixed a discount for you a customer and further you want to give an additional discount. Using the bulk discount option you can maintain in your software.

get a discount

Customer wise discount

This option allows you to fix a discount for a particular customer. Regular customers are given a fixed percentage of discounts and the software can maintain it.


Production Management

Complete Production management starting from manufacturing to the finishing of the product, expenses on it, the raw material used, and the time consumed. The entire Production management is maintained by the software in a proper and easy format.

Supplier Management Module
payment history

Supplier Payment

The software manages the supplier payment data in a very simple ways. You can add the paid amount to supplier’s account and the system automatically maps the paid amount against the total outstanding payable to us.


Supplier Profile Management

System provides option to manage the complete profile of the Supplier. A firm can update supplier information at any time if required for future use. The simple interface makes it really easy to update the supplier details. 


Supplier Bill Maintenance

BharatBills makes it a lot easier than any other available software in the market to add the purchase bills for any supplier and to maintain the overall supplier account in a single screen.  Single click gives details of all the bills of a particular supplier.


Supplier Ledger

Bharat Bills provide the complete solution under one roof , Supplier account will be update automatically after adding purchase bill and payment details, and the complete record date by date will be visible under supplier view .

Stock Management Module
order shipped

Inventory Tracking

User can view the current available stock of all the items in a single click. This also means that a user doesn’t have to navigate through multiple click or screens to get the overall picture of the available inventory.

search 1

Fast,Easy Product Search

If you have a large inventory of the products, system offers the product as search field. To make it easier for the end user, we have made sure that even if you type a part of the product name, we are able to fetch the desired product name for you.

small business 1

Store Unlimited Products

There is no limit to add the products in this software. We love to see you grow and deal with more and more products. We don’t put limit to your growth. Add as many product categories and products as you want!

downloading updates

Inventory Stock Auto Update

User doesn’t have to worry about manual update of the inventory levels. With each sale and purchase of the any product which is marked as ‘Stock-able’ the inventory levels get updated automatically and therefore inventory levels are maintained real-time in the system.

Customer Management Module
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Customer Account Details

Software gives an easy option to check your day to day sale. You can also click on a customer’s name and get access to all the transactions done with this customer.

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Payment Notifications

We don’t want your payments to be delayed. Therefore the software provides an option to send SMS notification to the customer whenever any bills is created in his name. We also provide the option to Print, Email, Download and whatsapp the Bill

view details

Customer Information

All the details of the customer get at one place  by clicking on view customers. Here you can edit the details of the customer like name, address, GST no etc.


Customer Wise Gst Calculate

System automatically calculates the GST applicable i.e. SGST, CGST or IGST when any sale is created in the system.  This is calculated dynamically, based on the GSTN Registration number supplied by the customer.

Purchase Management Module
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Record Purchase Invoice

BharatBills provides a flexible system to enter purchase entries in the system For each purchase user has the option to specify the applicable taxes. This data si automatically updated in GST return reports and thus helping in availing Input Tax Credit easily. 

data arrived

Purchase Data Reporting

BharatBills has detailed reporting options for the purchases. You can view the purchase reports for any particular period. Each purchase entry increases the stock of the inventory for the stock-able products and also maintains the payable accounts. 


Payment Receipt Record

User can add the payment details done to the Supplier. The payment is updated in the Supplier account automatically and a receipt number is generated for the payment done. User can print download or email the payment receipt to the supplier easily.

view file

View All Invoice

User can view all the purchase entries in a single click. The software provides option to filter the large data based on user provided search data. There is an option to download the complete list in excel or print the the complete list in a single click.