Generate & Manage E-invoice With BharatBills

A simple GST Billing Software for all your billing related needs with E-way bill and E-invoicing integration.

  • Simple E-Invoice creation with BharatBills
  • Generate E-Way Bills with a single click
  • Send Payment Reminders to your customers automatically.
  • BharatBills with BUSY Integration.
  • Easy TALLY Integration with BharatBills.
  • Payment Gateway Integration.
  • Easy Back-up and Recover E-Invoice data easily with a few clicks.

What Are Some Recent GST Changes?

E-invoicing is mandatory for businesses with a turnover of 50 crores or more in India. What is E-invoicing? How do you do that? Know more by contacting

E-Invoicing In A GST Billing Software: BharatBills.

You don’t need any consultants for E-invoicing. All the required changes will be done through software providers to report the E-invoice on the govt. Portal. Hence, a billing software with E-invoicing integration eliminates the need of accountants and makes your work easier and quicker. The Taxpayers can create E-invoice with the help of BharatBills effectively within a few clicks.

Direct Uploading of E-Invoices

Delaying in filing returns? BharatBills helps you upload multiple invoices directly through GSTN portal without visiting any other sources & instantly file GST returns with no delays.

Auto- Reconciliation with BharatBills

Upload B2B transaction invoices on GSTN portal electronically & the details will get auto-populated in GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2

Advance Data Validation in BharatBills

BharatBills automatically validates your data to identify errors, violations, incorrect entries & missing mandatory fields to ensure 100% compliance with legal accuracy.

Generation of QR Code

Generate QR Code to provide information about a particular invoice in a quick manner, without retrieving from any external sources. Print invoices with QR codes in BharatBills.

E-way Bill Generation

Generate & directly upload Single bills or E-way bills in Bulk on the portal & reconcile it automatically with BharatBills.

Track E-Invoices

Generate, print and track E-Invoices in real-time as per the prescribed format. Get end-to-end assistance for filing GST returns with exceptional customer support.

Bharatbills Is A Complete Solution To Your E-invoicing And Billing Needs.

A cloud based system with tally integration. Get to know how you generate E-invoices effortlessly. Also get recent updates about GST and E-invoices changes with BharatBills.

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Cloud Billing Software with Tally Integration
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Bharat-Bills E-invoice

Generate E-Invoices With No Worries!

  • E-Invoice and GSTR 1 Reconciliation.
  • Invoices under BharatBills are integrated with GSTN and E-Way Bill System.
  • Generating and creating e-invoices are all easy with BharatBills.
  • Print all invoices along with QR code in BharatBills.
  • Auto-accounting of purchase invoices directly into BharatBills.
  • Get E-invoice updates.
Start E-Invoicing Today With BharatBills!

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Benefits of E-Invoice With BharatBills

  • Operate E-Invoices with BharatBills Effectively.
  • Say no to Data Entry Errors.
  • No Excessive Cost for E-Invoicing
  • Go Paperless with BharatBills
  • Prevent Frauds
  • Real-time Tracking
  • No need for Consultants
  • Assured ITC
  • Time Saving
  • Reduce Payment Cycles
  • Help in Reconciliation
  • Get Accurate results.


The latest changes by the Government states that E-invoicing is mandatory for taxpayers and businesses that are involved in B2B and B2G transactions. E-invoicing applies to the businesses with turnover of Rs.100 crores or above from 1, January 2021. As per the provisional dates, E-invoicing will be made mandatory for all business from 1 April, 2021.

The government GST portal has released two e-invoice templates. However, you can use any template that follows the prescribed e‑invoice standard and format. With BharatBills GST billing and E- invoicing software you can customize the templates with your logo, choose a colour scheme, and personalize your invoices to represent your brand.

  • E-invoicing helps you with data reconciliation and accuracy.
  • Tracking e-invoicing in real-time.
  • Easy tax return process by auto-populating e-invoice details on tax forms and e-way bills.
  • All transaction details will be available online. Which means no more frequent audits and surveys.
  • Identifying fake invoices is easy.

The IRP will validate and digitally sign the e-invoice. Once done, It’ll generate a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) and a QR code before the taxpayer gets it back, based on the latest system.

Yes, the e-invoice can accept digital signatures. So, if the taxpayer signs the e-invoice & sends it to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), the signature will be accepted.