Tally is an accounting software that has made the calculation process easier. It has become an important part of all kinds of business. Small business enterprises believe that using tally saves time, provides accurate calculations and also helps to carry out seamless transactions for their business. 

It is a well-known fact that manual calculations take up a lot of time.  As Tally is performing calculations automatically and saves the user from the manual effort, it is gradually gaining popularity in the field of business.

Manual calculations are always prone to errors even in case of simple calculations. However, if the same calculation is done via tally then the chances of error are minimal. Tally has a special place in the field of business as many of its features helps in business calculations.

There are many ERP softwares that provide tally integration. There are various benefits of using integration with tally  for small businesses. 

  1. Tally is fully compliant with CIA triad i.e. confidentiality, integrity, and availability. So, data entered in Tally are fully secure and reliable.
  2. Tally is tamper-proof i.e. no one can tamper with the data once entered in the software.
  3. Tally performs all the complex calculations with ease. So, it avoids the overhead of complex business calculation.

Tally also helps in the  process management of banking domain.Banks use this software to calculate the interest rate of various customers and also to manage their accounts. The tally integration support helps to make calculations easier and the banking process simpler. 

If an organization works globally then also the Tally software can be used to manage the accounts seamlessly. Tally helps to bring all branches of the company together and thus makes a complex calculation on behalf of the company. So no matter where a particular employee is, a calculation will be uniform in nature.

Given the fact that small business companies work within a tight budget, it is important that they keep that budget in mind while working so that they do not overspend. Tally helps in this calculating process of maintaining a budget and thus stops employees from overspending.

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