Customer Management

Ultra Low Cost GST Software (Goods & Services Tax) for GST compliant billing and accounting processes in India.

Customer Information

All the details of the customer get at one place by clicking on view customers. Here you can edit the details of the customer like name address, GST no etc.

Customer Wise GST Calculate

The system automatically calculates the GST applicable i.e. SGST, CGST or IGST when any sale is created in the system. This is calculated dynamically, based on the GSTN Registration number supplied by the customer.

Payment Notifications

We don’t want your payments to be delayed. Therefore the software provides an option to send an SMS notification to the customer whenever any bill is created in his name. We also provide the option to Print, Email and Download the Bill

Customer Account Details

The software gives an easy option to check your day to day sale. You can also click on a customer’s name and get access to all the transactions done with this customer.

Customer Management Module

  • Customer Information
  • Payment Notification
  • Customer Account Details
  • Customer Wise GST Calculate