Stock Management

Ultra Low Cost GST Software (Goods & Services Tax) for GST compliant billing and accounting processes in India.

Store Unlimited Products

There is no limit to add the products in this software. We love to see you grow and deal with more and more products. We don’t put a limit to your growth. Add as many product categories and products as you want!

Fast, Easy Product Search

If you have a large inventory of the products, the system offers the product as a search field. To make it easier for the end user, we have made sure that even if you type a part of the product name, we are able to fetch the desired product name for you.

Inventory Tracking

User can view the currently available stock of all the items in a single click. This also means that a user doesn’t have to navigate through multiple click or screens to get the overall picture of the available inventory.

Inventory Stock Auto Update

User doesn’t have to worry about the manual update of the inventory levels. With each sale and purchase of any product which is marked as ‘Stock-able’, the inventory levels get updated automatically and therefore inventory levels are maintained real-time in the system.

Stock Management Module

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Store Unlimited Products
  • Fast & Easy Product Search
  • Inventory Stock Auto Update