Supplier Management

Ultra Low Cost GST Software (Goods & Services Tax) for GST compliant billing and accounting processes in India.

Supplier Profile Management

System provides option to manage the complete profile of the Supplier. A firm can update supplier information at any time if required for future use. The simple interface makes it really easy to update the supplier details.

Supplier Bill Maintenance

Bharat Bills makes it a lot easier than any other available software in the market to add the purchase bills for any supplier and to maintain the overall supplier account in a single screen. A single click gives details of all the bills of a particular supplier.

Supplier Payment

The software manages the supplier payment data in a very simple way. You can add the paid amount to the supplier’s account and the system automatically maps the paid amount against the total outstanding payable to us.

Supplier Ledger

Bharat Bills provide the complete solution under one roofSupplier account will be updated automatically after adding purchase bill and payment details, and the complete record date by date will be visible under supplier view.

Supplier Management Module

  • Supplier Ledger
  • Supplier Payment
  • Supplier Bill Maintenance
  • Supplier Profile Management