Maintaining cash flow is only possible if your customers pay you as quickly as possible but it is not that easy, businessmen can relate with it on another level. Taking your payments from your customers can be backbreaking, some debtors take years to pay which ultimately affects your cash flow and further revenues. But an online gst billing software can help you in getting your payments a little quicker, listing some of the ways below:   

Offer Discount with an online GST billing software

Who doesn’t like an extra % off? 
Customers will rush towards paying you quickly because of that extra % off. Offer a fixed percentage of discount for paying before the due date, this can help you in two ways- the very first is getting the payments on time and maintaining the cash flows on the other hand, you will attain a loyal customer and good company’s image in the eyes of your customers because of the discount that you offered. You can offer a discount at the fixed rate or specific percentage for your customers individually with an online GST billing software. 

Send payment reminders with an online GST billing software

Forgetting things is human nature; a healthy reminder can raise the chances of you getting paid faster. With the immense growth in technology, you can send these payment reminders to your customers in the matter of seconds. All you need is a smart phone, login to your GST billing software a/c, send messages and invoices in bulk via whatsApp or SMS. You can even customize your text messages, no more delayed payments if you own an online GST billing software. 

Generate immediate invoices with QR codes from an online GST billing software

With an online GST billing software, invoice creation is effortless. It is always healthy to generate the invoices right after the sales, this shows the willingness to receive the payment and the customer will not be left with any other choice except paying. Printing QR codes on the invoices can also increase the chances of getting paid fast as customers with short of cash can directly pay it through net banking and people avoiding physical touches in this pandemic will also get benefitted from these QR codes.  

Multiple payment methods through an online GST billing software

Welcome payment gateway integration to your business!

Make sure you are providing multiple payment options to your customers. For instance, a customer with a shortage of cash should not delay in making payment just because you are not accepting net banking. Offer your customer another method of payment such as PayPal, Phone Pay, Paytm etc. and get paid faster. BharatBills is an online GST billing software in India that comes with inbuilt payment integration and can help you greatly, you can send direct link of payments to your customers through whatsApp or SMS. BharatBills comes with a free month trial period, Create and send invoices to deal with some of these lazy customers for free.