“The idea is to help a layman experience the benefits of digital forwardness,” says the generator of BharatBills. 

The constant urge of making people capable of operating the systems made us think to bring a solution that satisfies the need of the hour without including much technical interface. 

Taking you back to the times when GST made a visit in India in 2017, seeing multiple small business owners struggling with GST calculations made us realize, to serve them with a solution that simplifies calculations along with their complete business.  

How amazing it would be when you neither have to worry about the billing nor the inventory. Time is gone when you had to maintain that huge “Bahi khata” and flip through hundreds of pages when your customer says “I think I paid, check if you wrote that” 

We understood the pain and came up with a solution that not only simplified calculations but also removes the complete manual efforts of the billing process. 

But did problems end with digital invoicing? Not really!

People started getting frustrated with the long processes of saving and searching those bills in excel sheets resulted in high time usage along with the doubled work. We strived towards solving this need as well by Reports. You can simply check various reports be it sales, purchase, or even inventory reports.  

Business problems started generating more problems with time. 

This is nothing but the happy faces of our customers that made us grow bigger and better over time, starting with the GST-compliant invoices to E-invoicing. We started with zero to add that extra zero in your revenues by simplifying this troubling process. 

You might be wondering if billing software can actually add to your revenues? 

Many SMEs usually find themselves in this pothole of billing that they forget to keep a check over inventory and focus on the operational part of the business in general. Owners struggle in analyzing their sales and revenues resulting in hiring more human resources for simplifying the business processes. Human resources further add to business costs along with the unnecessary disputes that’ll cost you your time and the money as well. 

We not just created invoices for our customers but also built an unbreakable relationship with them by providing on-the-go support, every time they were in need! 

Every coin has two faces, likewise BharatBills! 

Business owners came up with their queries related to their user experience and wanted to export their data, we, on the other hand, wanted to give utmost importance and convenience to our customers and assisted them with their data exporting that too in their desired formats, BUSY or TALLY. 

This is all because of the mutual trust that we share with our customers and our boundless dedication to solving the issues with an impressive technique but without sounding much technical. We started with the only motive to swap the pen and calculator with mouse and keyboard but ended up making businesses simpler than ever by giving a complete solution, for instance, you don’t have to flip through Bahi Khata, simply a click and your bill will be sent directly to the customer with a payment link that helps you avoid any sort of payment delays and improper cash flow statements.  

We believe business has a wide scope be it growth or problems! 

But with such an innovative approach and strong shoulders that are ready to take the responsibility of solving the hardship with technology that sounds simple to the users. 

If there’s a place for business innovation, there will always be a space for BharatBills in the room!