We are stepping into digital India. Transforming our small business into a digitally forward business can change the entire game and turn up the profits for the overall organization.
A billing software can greatly help you with generating invoices within a few clicks which saves a good amount of time for the owner to focus on the operational art of the business and not on Calculations and invoices.
Here’s a complete article about why exactly your small business needs a billing software.

Anywhere, anytime e invoices

A billing software helps you create the required invoices anywhere and at any time. A cloud based billing software with multi user accessibility removes the bandwidth of operating the software at a place. You can directly log in to your account by just entering the username and password. This eliminates the delayed invoices and therefore delayed payments from the customers, It’s that simple!

Remind your customers with a billing software

Automatic reminders in a billing software is another benefit to look after.
Send automated reminders to your customers and get paid faster. This removes any confusions and also the need for keeping “paper and pen” records is eliminated.

No more errors in calculations with a billing software

Do you struggle quite often with GST calculations? It’s completely troubling.
How do you know what percentage of gst is needed for the particular customer?
A billing software eliminates this confusion and helps you with easy GST calculations. All you need is to get started with BharatBills.
BharatBills is a complete GST compliant invoicing software that helps you with creation of invoices with zero errors.

Backup and data security with a billing software

Data in a cloud based invoicing software is all secured. Cloud based is one of the safest servers and doesn’t need much of our introduction. Plus an invoicing solution with data backups can help you immensely.
No worries for sudden data loss. Also it’s integration with several other solutions helps you transport your data in the same pattern. For instance BharatBills is integrated with BUSY and TALLY, it helps you export your data in BUSY or TALLY format with no hassles.

Avoid Re-logging into eway bill portal

With effect from 1st April, e invoices and eway bills came into existence, mandatory for everyone.
But re visiting the govt portal for e invoices can be a tedious task. Avoid the tedious work with BharatBills.
Create unlimited e invoices or e way bills with QR codes printed on it. Go paperless and avoid physical interactions in this pandemic with BharatBills.
Choose a billing software to facilitate the smooth working of your small business today!