Update or remove payment methods. You might want to update your payment information or to set a credit or debit card as a backup payment method. A backup payment method is a credit card or debit card that you designate to be used if your primary payment method fails.There is a list of all your payment which will show your all payment with the basic details. You can click on Supplier -> Payments -> View Payment that section have the view like –

its already informed that Cash purchase automatically adds a payment of the same amount. once you will click on view payment it shows you last one-month payment list if you want to check all payment that clicks on view all button which is on the top right corner, for a particular duration you can select the date duration on the same corner you can take a print out of the payment.

For Modification in any payment –

  • Click on details option in front of payment in which you want to change.
  • A new screen will be like 
  • Click on Edit button for modification
  • Once you will click on edit button it will allow you to modify limited things like
  • Supplier Name
  • Amount
  • Bank name
  • Remarks

Click on Update button if you want to save the changes and rest related things will be modified accordingly.

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