Keeping cash in the pockets days are no longer in trend,
The era of online payments is the need of the time.
Here to talk about payment gateway integration with BharatBills.
To understand it better, let’s first know about what payment gateway integration is all about.

What exactly is a Payment Gateway?

Payment gateway is a way to receive payments online.
In other words, payment gateway is a channel for receiving all the payments from a customer, online. This require customers details
For instance, the credit/debit card number, expiry date, CVV etc. once details have been submitted by the customers, they can start paying online. The payment further gets transferred to the merchant’s account from the buyer account.

What does Payment Gateway do?

The online payment gateway permits the transaction of buyer and the mechant. Payment gateway just enhances the visibility of an e-commerce platform. 

  • It provides an ease to customer for paying online
  • Not just quick but secure mode of payments
  • Ensure convenience

Benefits of using a Payment Gateway!

  • Quick payment processing
  • Payment acceptance from multiple options
  • Maintain transparency
  • Secured payments

Payment Gateway Integration with BharatBills!

BharatBills is one of the best GST billing software which is integrated with finest online gateways that can bring your payment from the customer with a few clicks.

Why integration?

  1. BhartBills help you to keep control over your cash flows with simplified payment receipts.
  2. Customers will receive a payment link along with the invoice for quick payments.
  3. When a customer makes payment, the ledger balance of that customer updates accordingly and a payment receipt is generated, ensuring no human errors in entries.
  4. Payment integration in Corona times is a savior.
Process Of Payment Gateway Integration in BharatBills

step1) Log in to your BharatBills account
step2) Click on the top right corner named “configuration”
step3) Scroll down to masters configuration.
step4) Scroll down to payment gateway option and press enable
You are done!

No more barriers in selling! Sell your products wherever you want with no worries of how you’ll be receive your payments.