How to add account master in BharatBills

Accounting scars the most out of us but not anymore! An easy user interface and quick access to every feature allow BharatBills to be the first choice of any. Account master is one such feature of BharatBills that eases the work of any user by providing the option to add or view the account group, for instance, add an account group named current assets as a parent group and further add debtors to simplify your income and expenses.

Account master holds the information like account groups, ledgers, and voucher types. The fields of account master will help you further in journal vouchers. You need to add the account name, amount, and a short narration to describe the transactions. Once added for both, debit and credit, you’ll be made available with the final debit and credit amount in the journal voucher.

Step to add an expense account in BharatBills

  • Click on Income/Expense -> Add Expense Account

  • Enter the Account Name
  • Select the GST% if applicable on that expense account
  • Enter the HSN Code, if you want to maintain the HSN code but its not a necessary field
  • Search the Parent Name name if you are creating a sub-account for any existing Account.
  • If you don’t want any parent account for the newly added account, please ignore this option
  • Select ITC (Input Tax Credit) yes or no
  • Click on Submit,  if you enter the information.

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