How to Add Income Voucher in BharatBills

Income is the source of Money. Users can maintain their Direct, Indirect Income In BharatBills. After Adding Add Expense Account in BharatBills users can add Income.

Steps to Add income in Bharatbiils

  • Click on income/Expense -> Add Income

Add Income

  • Income document have the system generated unique transaction number
  • Select Transaction Date
  • Enter the long Narration about this document
  • Income Description
    • Select Income description or income account (Income in )
    • Enter Income Amount
    • Write short narration
    • Click on green button
    • You can add number of income description
  • Income From
    • Select Income source
    • Select income amount
    • write short narration about income source and click on green button
    • you can add number of income from
  • Click on Submit

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