BharatBills is the Best Billing Software in India, it is developed keeping a single goal in mind that those who have not used any software earlier, should be able to use it without any external help. This makes the software extremely easy to use. As far as implementation and getting started with the billing is considered, the company claims to get you going within one hour of contacting us. We have seen users creating their bills within 30 minutes of getting their account created on BharatBills. In other words, the implementation time is reduced from weeks to hours with BharatBills.

Let’s try to figure out why everyone is moving to the clouds. Let’s try to understand a few basic advantages provided by cloud-based software. We are discussing these benefits with respect to GST Software BharatBills and various offline software available in the market.

Real-time Data Availability

The biggest problem with offline software is that there is no possibility of real-time data synchronization of multiple offices spread across locations. Generating collective data reports translates to a huge amount of manual work by various departments across offices.
A good cloud-based solution like BharatBills is the perfect answer to such problems. Irrespective of the location, internet service provider, which LAN/WAN you are connected to; your company’s complete data is always synchronized in our secure servers. You can check in a few clicks the exact status of your business. Total sales, purchases, invoices generated, pending payments, etc. are available in the main dashboard itself. You may forget to take a report of your business at the end of the day; BharatBills still remembers it for you. Every BharatBills user gets an SMS on daily basis informing total sales/purchases for the day.

System Crashes and Virus Attacks are Common Now

The biggest problem with the offline solutions is that the data is stored in the customer’s machine. I personally have seen multiple instances where users stopped working on the software because the database got corrupted due to some virus attack. They lost their complete data when the Windows operating system crashed. Today, almost everyone is aware that a simple infected USB pen drive or an email from an unknown source can infect your complete system. Your database of multiple years can disappear in few minutes from your system.

Software Installation and Implementation Time

Offline GST software has to be installed in your system. The licensing part of such software works in such a way that the installation is bound to your system hardware. In other words for the software company, you have to specify the system where you want to use the software. Of course, you cannot use it on other systems.
To install, somebody has to visit the customer and then do the basic settings. Senior-level engineer generally takes a day to configure the installation as per your needs and then your team takes almost a week for getting ready to work on it. Currently available offline software provides so many functionalities that they have become hard to use and thus the learning time for new users is increased over the years. Don’t forget that the visit charges of engineers are already added to the software cost or you have to pay these charges separately.