Expenses = money spent or cost incurred in an organization’s efforts to generate revenue, representing the cost of doing businessExpenses may be in the form of actual cash payments (such as wages and salaries), a computed expired portion (depreciation) of an asset, or an amount taken out of earnings (such as bad debts).

Steps to add expense in BharatBills

  • Click on Income/Expense -> Add Expense
  • Expense document have the system generated unique transaction number
  • Select Transaction Date
  • Enter the long Narration about this document
  • Expense Description
  • Select Expense description or expense account
  • Enter Income Amount
  • Write short narration
  • Click on green button
  • You can add number of expense description
  • Paying Accounts
  • Select Paying account
  • Enter the  amount
  • write short narration about this and click on green button
  • you can add number of paying account

Select the RCM Nature Type

  • Enter the supplier details if RCM Nature is Yes

Click on Submit

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