How to Add Sales in BharatBills

Sales are activities related to selling or the number of goods or services sold in a given time period. The seller or the provider of the goods or services complete a sale in response to an acquisition, appropriation, requisition or a direct interaction with the buyer at the point of sale. BharatBills have an easy option to add a sale. Add Sale form view depends on the master configuration. The Best thing about GST Software is that it works on the bases of your firm registration in GST like-

  • if your firm is not GST registered than Bharatbills work without GST there will be no GST report as well
  • Composition – No GST in any Sale or in any document but GST report will be there as per the requirement
  • Registered – All transaction will be based on GST, and all GST report will be the Report section.

Steps to add Sale bill in BharatBills

  • Click on Sales -> Sales Invoice -> Add

    Add Sale
  • There is the first option of series type
    • Auto – Auto Series will maintain the Invoice number automatically
    • Manual – User has to Enter the Invoice number manually
  • Invoice number depends on the series type
  • Select the invoice date
  • Rate type (Only Visible if your firm is GST registered )
    • Rate Exclusive Taxes
    • Rate Inclusive Taxes
    • GST None
  • Bill To – Search your customer name here
    • You Can add new customer from here directly
    • Cash Sale – You can search CASH name or you can leave blank as well in the same case
  • Ship to – You can search the same customer if the shipping address will be the same otherwise you can search another customer. Ship to enable/disable option available in the master configuration.
  • Multi-Location: if you have the multi-location option than sale module asks you the location name like from which location you are going to sale.
  • Add Product in Bill
    Add product in Sale Invoice
    • Product Name – search the product name which you are going to sale or you can add the product name directly just click on Add New
    • Add Description if you want to add. (if you enable item additional field from master configuration it will ask the same).
    • UOM/UOM1 – enter the quantity which you are going to sale
    • UOM2 or AUOM, AUOM enable/disable option available in the master configuration.

      AUOM enable
    • Rate– Enter the rate applicable on per unit. (GST will work on the base of Rate Type)
    • Discount – it will show if you Enabled this option in master configuration – Enter the Discount then select the Discount type like – % or Flat

      Discount Enable
    • Click on green tick mark button to add that product in the bill, you can add multiple products in a bill
  • Transport – Enter the transport details if you want to maintain the transport details if not then you can Enable/Disable this option from the master configuration

    Add transport Details in Tax Invoice
  • Charges Details –  Enter the charges details in charges section.

    Add charges details in BharatBills
  • Salesman – If you Enable the Salesman option from master configuration
    Add Salesman commission
    • Select the Salesman name
    • Enter The commission
    • Select the Commission Type
    • Select the commission on
  • Enter the Remarks if you want to enter anything regarding this sale.
  • You want to Round off the bill amount select the option
  • Click on Save Bill, if you want to save the bill.

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