How to add Sale Return in BharatBills

Sales returns, or returns inwards, are a normal part of the business. Goods may be returned to the supplier if they carry defects or if they are not according to the specifications of the buyer.

Merchandise that was returned to the seller by a customer. This account is a contra sales account. When merchandise sold on credit is returned, this account is debited and Accounts Receivable is credited. in simple words.

Sale Return is the part of Credit note, which is issued when you have to pay to the customer for any adjustment.

Add Sale Return Note 

  • Select the Sale Return Note
  • Search the bill number
  • there will be a new window which will contain the details of that invoice

    Sale Return
  • select the Return note Date
  • Enter the Return Quantity for each product
  • Select the Reason
  • Click on Add

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