How to Add Category in BharatBills

BharatBills allows a user to maintain the product stock category wise. Let us understand this with a simple example. E.g. a user is in the mobile selling business. Such a person has to maintain the stock category-wise. In BharatBills he can add ‘Mobile’ as a category (where all the mobile brands can be considered a part of this parent category). Further, he can add a subcategory (e.g. company name), under the parent category.

He can maintain the stock of a mobile such in the following fashion: Sasmsung JS is a product, under the category Samsung which is again a part of the parent category Mobiles. i.e. Samsung JS->Samsung->Mobile.

BharatBills give the user, complete freedom to choose the names and numbers of categories. The user can create as many levels of categories as he wants.

Add Category

Steps to Add a Category in BharatBills:

  • Click on  Category -> Add
  • Enter the Category Name
  • Enter the Description
  • Search the Parent Category name if you are creating a sub-category for any existing category.
  • If you don’t want any parent category for the newly added category, please ignore this option and click on Submit.
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