How to add Product in BharatBills

Products are the basic declaration of any business, which will be helpful for a customer to select your store for purchase. On the bases on product businessman select the supplier also that’s why a businessman has to decide the product first or business type.

Product Menu
  • Click on the Products
  • Category – First add a category
  • Product – Add Product
  • Stock Journal – It’s for internal stock movement

Under the Product section, there is two option like Add and View. 

  • Click on add Product
  • Select the category name from the drop-down list
  • Enter the item name as your Product name
  • Add Description – Optional not required it’s just for user information. it will not reflect anywhere on Tax Invoice
  • Select the Unit of Measure As UOM1 – like what will be the unit of sale or purchase for this product
  • Select the Alternate Unit of Measure as UOM2 – Option as a user can Enable/disable this field from Master configuration. Conversion is like what will be the conversion of UOM2 from UOM1.
  • Enter the Sale Rate – it’s optional but once you enter any amount in that will system will automatically inform you of sale amount at the time of sale
  • Enter the Purchase Rate – It’s also an optional field.
  • Rate on – Sale rate applicable on which unit of measure
  • Select the applicable GST%
  • Enter the HSN code if you want to maintain the HSN code
  • Select the Product type
    • Stockable – If you want to maintain the stock of this product
    • Service – This type will not maintain the stock of product
    • Consumable – If you are not going to sale this product than select as consumable
  • Level – Minimum, Reorder and the Maximum  level is to maintain the level of your stock which will notify you as per the value you enter
  • Opening Quantity – Please Enter the available quantity which is available at the time of product add.
  • Click on submit button to Save your product.
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