How to add Stock Journal in BharatBills

A billing software will maintain your sale/ Purchase only but if we are talking about BharatBills which maintain your Production also. Stock Journal is the option for those businessmen who have a small manufacturing unit and don’t want to maintain the complete process of production like (B.O.M, Production Planning, Production Order and Manufacturing). Stock journal Is the process in which a Businessman can maintain the Production quantity and Consumed Quantity as well as can maintain the stock. The process to avail the benefit of this Feature of  BharatBills

Stock Journal
  • Click on Product -> Stock Journal
  • Add –  To make a new Stock Journal Entry
  • View –  To check the list of all Stock Journal entry, User can Check the details also from this section
  • Delete –  User can Delete the recent entry of Stock Journal in View Section

Add Stock Journal Document : 

Stock journal
  • Click on Product -> Stock Journal – > Add
  • Document No. is automatic system generated a unique document number
  • Select the Date
  • You can Select The Location If You are working with Multilocation Module in BharatBills
  • Select the Item Generated
  • Select the item Consumed
  • Click on Save Button to save the document.
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