An invoice is a receipt with the details of sales generally offered to the customer to keep a record and avoid any disputes. Invoice is exchanged between a seller and buyer including all the details of the purchase made by the customer, for instance, date of purchase, quantity, and prices. Now preparing those invoices can be burdensome sometimes as there’s plenty of purchases throughout the day, here’s when GST billing software helps you to create invoices effortlessly within a few clicks. 

Before creating invoices you need a defined invoice format of the bill. BharatBills helps you in selecting the perfect invoice format for your business. BharatBills is a GST billing software that comes with free invoice templates that you can use to create invoices for free. 

Benefits of using an invoice template of an online billing software

Using an invoice template can serve you a number of benefits such as reduced cost and time in generating invoices and sending the invoices directly to your customers in no time. You can easily get your payments from late-paying customers with online billing software. Some of the benefits are discussed below: 

Saves you valuable time

As a small business owner, your prime focus should be on the operational part and not on invoice generation. An already defined invoice format or invoice template will help you create invoices effortlessly as you just need to make a few edits before sending the final invoice to the customer. With online billing software, you can create invoices in no time as calculations of GST are automatic, you don’t have to spend hours calculating the final amount. This is exactly what convenience looks like in terms of creating bills.

An online billing software cut down your cost

An online billing software cuts down the cost of stationery and of course the accountants. No one’s perfect, if you struggle with calculations and billing, you might need a little assistance. You don’t need to ask your accountant for creating a basic invoice instead go for online billing software that does its job efficiently and presents you with error-free calculations of taxes in no time. Say goodbye to the stationery and accountants for basic billing, create, share and track your bills with BharatBills free invoice templates. 

Personalized invoices with online billing software

A real and genuine bill is what we call the authentic touch that might be missing in your paper bills. An invoice with clear formatting and fewer words looks nice and authentic, you can add your touches like your company’s logo, digital signature as well to make it look professional. An invoice template helps you create more authentic bills than ever before that you can use at the tough times of seasonal sales when it becomes quite uneasy to deal with.